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Banking ERM Subject Matter Expert Consultant Open

Country: United States
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Job Description

Banking ERM Subject Matter Expert Consultant

Location: Remote; Hybrid Preferred (Miami)
About the Role: Our client, a prominent banking institution, is actively seeking an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Subject Matter Expert Consultant. This consultant will play a crucial role in the continuous development and enhancement of the ERM program, ensuring alignment with the bank's business objectives, adherence to industry best practices, and compliance with applicable regulatory requirements, including the OCC Heightened Standards.
Key Responsibilities:
  • ERM Program Strategy:
    • Utilize the OCC Heightened Standards as a baseline to develop and document a sustainable ERM Program Implementation Strategy, adopting the Division Risk Manager model. This includes defining and delineating roles and responsibilities for the three lines of defense.
    • Align implementation timelines with the bank's capabilities and business strategies, providing a detailed roadmap for the next 1-4 years. This plan should also outline resource utilization and staffing needs to support the roadmap and program enhancements.
  • ERM Framework Enhancement:
    • Thoroughly document ERM inputs, risk calculations, and process dependencies.
    • Integrate bottom-up and top-down risk management approaches to create a unified ERM framework.
    • Define and document requirements for business unit/process annual risk profile reassessments and RCSA refreshes, key process changes/enhancements, and the introduction of new or modified products/services. This includes handling internal and external emerging risks.
    • Develop processes for continuous risk monitoring, integrating issues, operational losses, and control testing results into RCSA inherent and residual risk calculations, along with KRIs.
    • Establish escalation processes for residual risks that are out of appetite as a result of controls testing and continuous monitoring activities.
    • Address how application risk assessments update business unit RCSAs and enhance KRIs, integrated risk dashboard, and reporting. Evaluate current KRIs to determine necessary changes and improvements in reporting, such as including trend analysis for each KRI.
  • Alignment of Business Unit Policies and Standards with ERM Policies/Standards:
    • Identify policies and standards developed by business units, such as IT/Information Security, that need to be governed at an enterprise level. This will involve expanding and repurposing these business-specific policies/standards into ERM policies/standards.
    • Connect related initiatives to highlight interdependencies and ensure consistent processes and risk rating scales are utilized across all programs.
    • Standardize and centralize taxonomy across all initiatives to avoid discrepancies and aim for integration or alignment where different taxonomies exist.
    • Develop and refine issues management and risk treatment policies/standards, including defining what constitutes an issue versus an exception, revising issue severity ratings/scales, and establishing an issues workflow that includes validations and approvals depending on issue severity and source.
  • Development of Additional ERM Policies/Standards:
    • Review and improve, if necessary, the policy management policy and standards.
    • Determine if additional ERM level policies/standards are needed or if existing ones require expansion to provide appropriate coverage of the eight Risk Categories aligned with the ERM Policy.
  • 10+ years’ experience and proven expertise in ERM within the banking sector.
  • Deep understanding of OCC Heightened Standards and other relevant regulatory frameworks.
  • Demonstrated ability to develop and implement comprehensive risk management strategies and policies.
  • Strong organizational, analytical, and interpersonal skills.
Compensation: Compensation is competitive and based on experience.
Why Join Us? This role offers an exciting opportunity to elevate the ERM culture and processes within a growing bank. It is ideal for those passionate about strategic risk management and looking for challenging and impactful work.
Apply Today! We invite you to apply for this exciting role to become a vital part of our team dedicated to excellence in risk management.
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